CEEPUS summer school in Osijek 2023

23 Shkurt 2023


The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek, is going to organise for the fourth time our traditional CEEPUS International Summer School, with a bit different program for this year. Since for three years in a row, we had summer schools dealing with traditional agriculture and connected activities, but for this year, we are planning for this year to have it a bit more up-to-date. So, this year, our summer school is called “Smart Agriculture and Environment” which will start on 3rd July in Osijek and it will be over on 7th July 2023.

The official deadline for application is 15th March 2023 (the last possible day of application is 1st April). You apply regularly through any network mobility that is available to you or your university. The preliminary programme of the new summer school is in the attachment of this mail and there is always a possibility of programme change due to all sorts of different circumstances. We have again the same quota – 20 participants (12 students and 8 teachers) and we are welcoming all of you to apply again if you want. We are trying to get at least one teacher and one or two students from any interested university. The fastest you apply, the fastest possibility to be accepted.

I think we all are familiar with our rules, but let’s repeat them just in case. As a CEEPUS summer school participant, you are entitled to a Summer school daily allowance (for 5 days). Traditionally, summer schools within the CEEPUS programme are funded with that money. However, we plan to use only 50% of that for the summer school organisational costs, most of the other costs will be paid by our Faculty and some other sponsors, which means that you will get 50% of that money as your pocket money. Just like the years before. Amounts are the same, except this time it is in EUR - 20 € per day for undergraduate and graduate students, 23 € per day for postgraduate students and 27 € per day for teachers.

Accommodation is arranged in the dormitory next to the building of the Faculty of Agro-biotechnical Sciences (as you all know). You will also have all other activities and needs covered by us (transportation, food, drinks, snacks, working materials, etc.).


4th International CEEPUS Summer School: “Smart Agriculture and Environment”, (kliko).


Contact person:

Prof. Asist. Blerta Mehmedi-Kastrati